Clear Aligner Treatment

What is Clear Aligner Treatment?

Clear aligners are specially designed plastic trays used to straighten teeth. Each aligner is designed based on the position of the patient's teeth at a specific stage. Aligners are changed at regular intervals, allowing teeth to gradually move towards the desired position.
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Treatment Process

How is the Application Process?

Before starting the treatment, a dentist or orthodontist examines the patient's oral structure to determine the treatment plan. Then, clear aligners are custom-made based on the current condition of the teeth. Throughout the treatment process, patients wear the aligners for specific periods (usually 2 weeks) and then replace them with the next aligner.


What are the Advantages of Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners offer several advantages over traditional metal braces. These include aesthetics, comfort, and removability. Since aligners are clear, they are almost invisible from the outside. Additionally, they cause less discomfort compared to metal braces and offer more convenience in daily activities such as eating, drinking, and brushing teeth due to their removable nature.
Treatment Duration and Effectiveness

Treatment Duration and Effectiveness

The treatment duration with clear aligners varies depending on the initial condition of the patient's teeth and the desired outcome. Generally, it ranges between 6 months to 2 years, depending on the complexity of the orthodontic problem. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the patient's discipline, regular use of the aligners, and how the teeth respond.

Who is it Suitable for?

Who is it Suitable for?

Clear aligners may be suitable for patients with mild to moderate orthodontic issues. These include mild crowding, spaced teeth, mild jaw problems, etc. However, traditional braces may generally be more effective for more complex orthodontic problems.

Regular Check-ups

Regular Check-ups

Regular check-ups are important during the treatment process with clear aligners. The dentist or orthodontist should regularly see the patient to monitor the progress of the teeth and adjust the treatment plan if necessary.

Treatment Duration and Effectiveness



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