Our Doctors

Dt. Tarık Ahmet

2011 I began my studies at Selçuk University Faculty of Dentistry and graduated in 2017. Following graduation, I initiated my doctoral studies at Selçuk University Faculty of Endodontics. By completing my doctoral thesis, I obtained the title of Doctor in 2022. Currently, I am actively involved in professional responsibilities within my field of expertise
in the area of my doctoral studies.

Courses and Congresses

2017 - TDB Congress

2017 - 11 . Turkish Dentists National Congress

2018 - 8. International Endodontıc Symposıum

2021 - Porcelain Lamina Veneers Digital and Analog Workflow Applied Course

2022 - 9. International Endodontıc Symposıum

2022 - Selçuk Üniversitesi 3rd International Innovative Dentistry Congress

2022 - Composite Restorations Applied Course in Anterior Aesthetics

2023 - All In One Dentistry Congress

2022 - Broken Tool Removal & Bypass Course

2023 - How Minimal Prep. Vebeers Can Enhance Your Practıce Course

2022 - Greatist Congress


Starting in 2017, I began my PhD program in the Department of Endodontics at Selçuk University. In 2018, I started working as an on-duty dentist at HMH Dental Polyclinic. In 2022, I joined Alkent Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic as the Responsible Manager, continuing my specialization in Smile Design and Endodontics as a PhD.